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Chicago Oversize Permit Agency

Chicago Oversize Permit Agency offer services inIndividual state guidelines for oversize permits and escorts. Providing the legal dimensions, routine permit limits and escorts!

Oversize Overweight Permits agency in illinois

Oversize Overweight Permit Agency In Illinois

The Oversize / Overweight (OS/OW) Permit Office within the Bureau of Highway Operations ensures the safe and efficient movement of traffic over the State highway network, protects the motoring public and ensures safe preservation of the State’s infrastructure. The OS/OW Permit Office issues permits to owners or operators of non-conforming vehicles travelling on the state and local roadway networks.

These vehicular permits limit the routes, times of operations, maximum rate of speed and other conditions deemed necessary by the State. This website provides general information and guidance pertaining to the issuance of OS/OW permits.

Our Oversize Overweight Permit Services

Trip Permits

If one of your vehicles is traveling interstate and isn’t registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP), you’ll need to order a temporary trip permit.

Fuel Permits

If your vehicle doesn’t have an IFTA decal and license for the states or Canadian provinces it’ll be travelling in, you’ll likely need a fuel permit for that vehicle.

Oversize Overweight Permits

The legal limits for a vehicle’s size and weight are 80,000 pounds, 53’ long, 13½’ high and 8½’ wide. If your vehicle exceeds, then its overweight or hauling an oversize load.

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Need an Oversize permit? Chicago Permits, provides oversized vehicle permits & services. Contact one of our permit agents today!

Single Trip Permits Agency in Illinois for Oversize Permits

Chicago Permits

At Chicago Permits we understand that offering on loads is exceptionally cutthroat and quick moving. We have encountered specialists with a tremendous information on the costs that can be caused all through your allowing interaction to guarantee you get the best rates when gaining your shipping permits.

Overweight/Oversize Permits

Transitory Trip Permits

Transitory Fuel Permits

Superload Permits

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking is our focus and our passion. Rest assured your load will be shipped professionally, safely, and timely.

Industries Served

Common industries and customer types: Construction , Utilities, Electric Power, Equipment Rental, Oil & Gas, Farm Equipment, Boats & Mobile Homes, Sealed Containers/Containerized Freight

All 50 States & Canada

Every state and province has unique requirements and regulations. Our advisors are experts at permitting in all of North America. Whether you’re crossing one state or an entire continent, we can help.

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