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Fuel Permits

Chicago Permit Agency offer Fuel Permits for All 50 States & Canada in Less than an Hour for Truck, Tractors.

Single Trip Permits Agency in Illinois a to b

Fuel Permits Agency in Illinois

A single trip permit is issued for a one-way trip along a specified route for a limited period.

  • Non-divisible load
  • Single, continuous movement from Point A to Point B

Single Trip Permits Agency in Illinois

At The Chicago Oversize Permit Agency, our fuel permitting experts make this process quick, easy and painless. 50+ Years of Experience; Many Fuel Permits

When to Apply Single Trip Permits

A carrier should apply 5-10 business days prior to the proposed move date to allow the Permit Issuing Office sufficient time to process the permit request. Please note that the permit may only be issued 3 days prior to the proposed move date.

Superloads exceed any of the following limits:

120,000 kg gross vehicle weight
5 metres in width
45.75 metres in length

Fuel Permits All 50 States & Canada for 16″ Wide Mobile/Modular Homes
Offering a full range of 16′ Wide Mobile Home Application Permits Services across USA and Canada.

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