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Single Trip Permit

Single Trip Permit Agency in Illinois 

Single Trip Permits Agency in Illinois a to b

Single Trip Permit Agency in Illinois

A single trip permit is issued for a one-way trip along a specified route for a limited period.

  • Non-divisible load
  • Single, continuous movement from Point A to Point B

When to Apply Single Trip and Fuel Permits

Termination Time – 72 hours
Carrier operates in two or more jurisdictions.
The power unit licensing weight is 26,001 lbs., or higher.
The power unit has more than two axles regardless of licensed weight.
The power unit is utilized in combination and the said combination is 26,001 lbs. or on the other hand higher.
72- Hour permits are vehicle explicit. Permits are substantial for 72 hours/3 days. Illinois presently permits the purchase of 3 IRP trip permits for each vehicle before apportioned license (IRP) license must be purchased. Something like 3 trip permits might be given per vehicle in any year.

Instead of acquiring an IFTA permit, you might fulfill your Motor Fuel Use Tax commitment by buying Single-Trip Permits for every jurisdiction in which you are traveling. A Single Trip Permit for Illinois permits a motor carrier who works commercial motor vehicles to go into or through Illinois for 96 hours without being registered in a motor fuel use charge program. Assuming you are a carrier in need of a Single Trip Permit, kindly contact a Single Trip Permit supplier. Single Trip Permits for Illinois should be bought before entering Illinois.

“Oversized Load” in Illinois

Dimensions: Width: 8′ 6″ Height: 13′ 6″‘ Length Overall 65” Legal Overhang: Front 4′, Rear 10’

“Overweight Load” in Illinois

Weights: Single Axle: 20,000 lb. Tandem axle: 34,000 lb. Tridem: 42,500 lb. Max Gross Weight: 80,000

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